How To Make Beer Taste Better

Different people have different tastes and preferences. Therefore, different individuals like their beer with a certain taste. Drinking beer responsibly has some health benefits: it reduces the risk of cardiovascular health issues, strengthens your bones, helps cognitive function, prevents kidney stones, reduces stress, improves memory, and lowers bad cholesterol. Based on science, hops are the main source of bitterness in most beers, particularly if they’re added in the primitive stages of the fermentation or brewing process. The beta and alpha acids in hops will signal a strong bitter taste to the brain. In addition, the low concentration of ethanol plays a significant role in increasing beer bitterness. Adding sugar during the fermentation process might affect the taste and color of the beer. Also, it will increase the alcohol content of the beer. When it comes to enhancing the taste or flavor of beer, there’s an array of tools that’ll help you attain your goal. All beers aren’t the same, and some are bitter or tastier than others. Below are ways on how to make beer taste better.

1. Mix with Soda

Most people tend to use light-colored soda to improve the taste of beer. Incorporating soda in your beer prevents carbonation in beer from disappearing. This is the primary reason why some individuals mix beer with a drink, such as Coca-cola. To achieve your desired taste in light beers, mix it with sprite or mountain dew.

2. Give Beer a Press

Based on research, larger brewers use high-tech gadgets to give their mixes an enhanced flavor. Therefore, utilizing a similar strategy at home will help you boost the taste of beer significantly.

3. Mix with Apple Juice

Fresh apple juice is sweet, whereas some beers are sour. Mixing apple juice with bitter beer forms a shandy. Ensure that the ratio of apple juice to beer is 1:1. For instance, you can use half a glass of beer and half a glass of apple juice. The shandy plays a significant role in eliminating the unwanted tart taste and reducing the gas in beer. This will, therefore, improve the taste of the beer.

4. Pour your Beer Properly

You can improve the taste of beer by pouring it into the right glass. Choose a glass that suits your preferences. Note that drinking beer from the bottle will have varying flavors. Therefore, you should use the right technique to pour beer into an ideal glass. Hold an ideal glass at an angle of 45and start pouring your drink at the midpoint of the glass. This strategy will help you enhance the flavor of the beer. Note that getting the right pour will help you attain your desired effect of carbonation and foamy head.

5. Drink your Beer Out of a Glass

A beer can and bottle are ideal for transportation, but not for its taste. When it comes to drinking beer, the sense of smell and taste go hand-in-hand. The aroma of the beer is typically the taste of the beer. Drinking your beer out of a bottle suppresses the sense of smell, thus affecting the taste of beer. It’s advisable to utilize glass because it activates carbonation leading to a foamy head and carbonation bubbles. The main purpose of carbonation is to give the beer a great taste. On the other hand, carbonation bubbles give the beer an aroma.

6. Add Some Margarita Mix

Adding the right amount of margarita to your beer makes it a beergarita. Based on research, the margarita has a sweet taste. Therefore, adding margarita to beer will lighten the sour taste of the beer. Note that the ratio of mixing these two compounds depends on your desired flavor. You can go for a 2:3 ratio or 1:1, depending on the flavor you need. In addition, you can add margarita drop by drop until the beer suits your tastes and preferences.

7. Drink Beer at a Warmer Temperature

Drinking beer at a warmer temperature can influence the taste and flavor of your beer. Most people opt for cold beers because they’re refreshing. A warmer beer gives you an opportunity to discern some of the great flavors of a beer.

8. Add Beer Salt

Adding salt along a glass rim can help in boosting the citrus flavor throughout the beer. If your beer is quite citrusy or fruity, place the beer salt along the edge of the glass rim. This will help in balancing some of the tangy citruses. In addition, this is a great way of balancing out beer flavors to improve the overall taste of the beer.

9. Add Campari

A sweet orange taste in Campari can help you improve the taste of a sour beer. The flavor of the beer will amaze regardless of the type of beer. To make the beer more appealing, add in some lime. Adding a drop of Campari to a glass of beer will help you come up with a cocktail.

10. Mix with Citrus

A mixture of citrus fruit and bitter flavors of the beer helps you make an appealing drink. This method is familiar, especially to individuals who love blue moon.

11. Liqueurs

Using liqueurs is an amazing way of making your beer taste better. Regardless of the type of beer you’re drinking, liqueurs will lighten and boost the taste of the beer. There’s a wide range of popular liqueurs: Triple sec, Limoncello, Schnapps, Kahlua, Curacao, Cointreau, and Vermouth. If you don’t know more about different types of liqueurs, perform extensive research to identify the best liqueur.

12. Frozen Berries

Frozen berries are great not only for wine and other mixed drinks but also for beers. Adding the right amount of frozen berries into your beer will add flavor and keep the beer cold for a long duration. If you’re a fan of infused water, try this approach to improve the taste of your beer.


There are other ways of improving the taste of your beer: mix with tomato juice, bitters, simple syrup, grapefruit juice, creamer, and liquors. The above-listed are additives and tips that’ll boost the taste of your beer.